Brazos Valley Cheese
Contact: Marc Kuehl
Address: 206 Halbert Lane Waco, TX, 76705
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Phone: 254-829-0600
About Us
Brazos Valley Cheese is a 18-year-old company that originally was just an idea in 1999. Rebeccah Salmeri wanted to teach herself how to make cheese because the Brown Swiss milk cows that serviced families on the agrarian Brazos De Dios community where she lived in Waco, Texas, were producing an abundance of spring milk. She thumbed through a How-to Cheesemaking book and experimented with making butter, cream cheese and mozzarella. Her friends became interested in learning as well, so Rebeccah taught them the craft she had discovered. Her brothers built her a make-shift cheese press from plywood and dowels, and she used a gallon tin can with drain holes drilled in it as a cheese mold for her first hard cheese. She used an old refrigerator in the shed as an “aging cave.”