Contact: David Brydon
Address: 2749 McGregor South Loop McGregor, TX, 76657
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Phone: 254-307-9386
About Us
Our Texas native pecans are:

sustainable – Texas native pecans are not planted in orchards but grow wild. They do not require irrigation and are compatible with soil-building grasses. We harvest only from unsprayed trees, making them truly organic.

delicious - these small nuts are packed with flavor that many Texans say is the best and natives have the highest oil content of any pecan. Researchers say it is even healthier than olive oil.

raw - either fresh shelled or our activated recipes where low drying temperatures do not damage nutrients.

activated - We soak in filtered water and Redmond sea salt releasing vitamins and enzymes as the nut sprouts, and dissolving enzyme inhibitors to make them digestible. Low-temperature drying preserves delicate nutrients.

support rural small family enterprise - Our family and close neighbors are the only workers in our pecan shop on our small family farm.

support sustainable farming - The pecan work allows our 3-generation family to stay on the farm so we can transform a formerly mono-crop chemical farm to a sustainable, natural, diverse farm.