Mill-King Dairy
Contact: Craig Miller
Address: 1410 Coyote Lane McGregor, TX, 76657
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Phone: 254-340-0003
About Us
In 1941 Arnold and Minnie Miller moved from the west side of McGregor, near today's location of SpaceX, to the Crawford area when the war department bought their homestead. As many people did at that time, Arnold and Minnie raised and milked dairy cattle. They then sold the cream and the excess milk in Crawford. In the early 1950's the Millers began selling their milk to a cooperative that picked up the milk at the farm and hauled it to a milk processor.

In the late 1960's, Arnold's son Billy began dairying with his father. After he married and finished school at A&M University, he and his wife Shorty continued to dairy. In 1990 they built a state of the art freestall barn and milking parlor. Meanwhile they raised 3 children and grew their herd to over 600 head of cattle. Today, their youngest son, Craig, is now the third generation to own the farm.

Craig and his wife, Rhianna, came back to the family farm in 2005 after finishing their degrees at Tarleton State University. After several years, Craig took the knowledge he had learned on the farm and started a bovine genetic consulting business. He and his wife traveled across Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma working with 10,000 head dairies to 1 cow family milkers.
We dairy and process our own milk in McLennan county. We make the best low-temperature pasteurized, non-homogenized in Texas.