Falk Bakery
Contact: Rebekah Falk
City: Waco, TX,
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About Us
I am your neighborhood baker at beka & bernhard Falk Bakery!

The Falk Bakery was established in the late 1800's by my great grandfather, Bernhard Falk, and carried on by his children, including my Pop and three of his siblings.

Just as they served their neighbors in Louisville, KY on Preston Street, I serve my neighbors from my home, using a cottage license to bring you artisan loaves, crafted with heart and hand, inspired by my heritage.

My specialty is creating hearth breads that are gmo-free, wild, and hearty, using whole grain flour for the majority of my selections.

It is my joy to provide a sound, edible farinaceous substance from which you can feast!

Message me @falkbakery on Instagram or private message me on Facebook to learn of my weekly bake days and menu selections.