Johnson's Backyard Garden
Contact: Brenton Johnson
Address: 9515 Hergotz Ln Austin, TX, 78742
Email Address:
Phone: 512-386-5273
About Us
Johnson’s Backyard Garden got its start in 2004 when Brenton Johnson transformed his East Austin backyard in the Holly Street neighborhood into a bountiful vegetable garden. Brenton used his experience slinging grilled cheese sandwiches at Grateful Dead shows and began selling his backyard bounty at the Austin Farmers’ Market downtown. This was the start of our farm!

In 2006, Brenton started a small CSA Program beginning with around 30 Austin families. The backyard garden eventually took over the front and side yards, too, leaving Brenton’s kids with little room to play.

In the summer of 2006, we purchased 20 acres just five miles east of downtown Austin on Hergotz Lane. Three years later, the entire 20 acres was full of vegetables and it was clear that we needed more land to keep up with Austin’s growing appetite for local and organic produce.

In the spring of 2010, with the help of our CSA members, we purchased land on River Road in Garfield, Texas, introducing us to what would become our home for years to come. Today, we farm on 186 acres, situated on the high bank of the Colorado River. We farm using only certified organic methods, and focus on producing a diverse variety of the highest quality vegetables, fruits and herbs. We grow over 200 different crops! You can enjoy our produce delivered straight to your home or neighborhood through our CSA program-- you know it’s a good day when you see our hand-painted delivery van! You can also find JBG vegetables at many local restaurants, grocery stores, and local farmers’ markets. The crew of just over 100 men and women that make up the JBG team take serious pride in the quality of vegetables we produce and look forward to growing food for you and your family for years to come.