Iron Hill Organics
Contact: Bruce & Mary Prine
City: Hearne, TX,
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About Us
Iron Hill Organics is a family-owned and operated farm and commercial kitchen near Bryan, Texas. We purchased the farm in 2013 with a single goal: honor the Creator while improving the world around us by serving our neighbors. We produce wholesome fermented foods using 100% organic ingredients which contain no GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, synthetic food coloring or any other contaminates. We believe we can make a difference in the ‘food fight’ — we can reform the food system by paying fair wages to our employees and producing foods that enrich the environment while improving the health of consumers. Our products adhere to ecologically regenerative farming practices. We use a no-till methodology on our fields, which are fertilized with aged organic composts and compost teas to heal and maintain the soil vitality and reduce water use. Irrigation is kept to a minimum by utilizing intensive planting and wood chip mulching. Pests are managed naturally through companion planting, biodiversity, plant-based extracts and attracting friendly pollinators. Crop rotation allows the land a year to rest after seven years of production. We believe this attentiveness to detail is a fundamental step in good stewardship. We aim to treat the farm as a living organism, and produce nutritive foods our bodies crave. Join us as we nurture healthy communities through honor and dignity toward our Creator, our neighbors, and our land.
Fresh Organic Ingredients:

Food-making is a work of art. Every ingredient must meet or exceed our stringent standards. This ensures we start with the highest quality of fresh organic vegetables, herbs and spices. We don’t use dried spices in our products. We begin by washing and cutting bunches of aromatic baby dill and peel pounds of garlic cloves, turmeric, and ginger root. We grind whole peppercorns and line the prep tables with the ingredients. We wash the cabbage in well water, then peel, quarter and shred it into the barrel — adding pink Himalayan salt to create the brine. As we mix the ingredients in the barrel by hand, we enjoy breathing deeply to take in the delectable aromas. Once we’re finished, we submerge the solids under the brine with a weight and seal the top of the barrel with a water lock, to prevent any airborne contaminates.

Long Fermentation Time & Cold Aging:

Greatness cannot be rushed. Like a fine wine or an aged cheese, our sauerkraut requires a lot of time to produce a superior product. We age it for a minimum of three months (two months at 78° Fahrenheit, then cold-aged for another 1-2 months at 40°). Many companies ferment sauerkraut for 2-3 weeks, then package and sell it. Our unusually long fermentation time was much more common in generations past. Historically, sauerkraut was aged in cellars for up to six months during fall and winter. Research has shown that cold-aging sauerkraut (particularly toward the end of a long fermentation cycle) increases certain colonies of probiotics, further improving the health benefits of the finished product.

It’s awesome that so many people enjoy our products. We turn skeptics into “kraut converts” routinely. Our mission is to create the most delicious cultured foods available, and to help shed light on the amazing health benefits of raw probiotic fare. The next time you’re making a chicken salad or grilling bratwurst, consider adding some spicy Rebel Red or Garlic Dill for a zesty topper.