World Hunger Relief, Inc.
Address: 356 Spring Lake Road Waco, TX, 76705
Email Address:
Phone: 254-799-5611
About Us
World Hunger Relief, Inc., “the Farm” is a Christian organization committed to the alleviation of food insecurity and malnutrition through sustainable agriculture and community development.

The Farm exists to be a learning laboratory that:

- Equips interns with sustainable farming techniques and community development skills in Christian agricultural work
- Inspires empathy and compassion for those who live without adequate food
- Refines our work by engaging in local and international partnerships
In central Texas, WHRI addresses issues of hunger impacting populations vulnerable to food insecurity and malnutrition through a veggie prescription program partnership with Waco Family Health Center clinics. Each year we also host several thousand individuals for educational programs focusing on sustainable agriculture, environmental responsibility, and world hunger issues.